Most grass areas in South Africa are not correctly fertilized.   Agron adapted the Bio Soil Blend and developed a new product, the Agron GolfBlend, to address the requirements of golf courses and turf and provide them with the important elements to keep them in excellent condition.

Each area of a golf course is different and this product can be adapted according to the independent analysis to provide fertlizing specific to the requirements of each area.  Agron can thus prepare, for each area, a unique prescription mixture which will lead to longterm results.  Mixing chemical corrections with Agron's products lead to a specialised biological product with unique characteristics.  Leaching are minimized and absorbtion improved in plants therefore creating a balance between the elements and the soil.  When this balanced is reached the chemical fertilizer cost will be reduced.  

Agron is currently busy with fertilization at Loftus Versveld as from April 2012.  Agron provide this product to a number of golf courses including Groblersdal and Ermelo and, more recently, Leopard Creek en Blair Atholl.


  • Groblersdal Golf Club/Gholfklub
    Groblersdal Golf Club
  • Loftus