Agron and Mining

Agron adapted the BioSoil Blend to form a unique product called Agron Mining Blend specifically to address mining's adverse environmental circumstances. Usually, in these environments, there are very little to none topsoil and only crushed rock to be rehabilitated. Most of the areas are usually also disturbed due to the various mining operations.

Agron has already showed success with platinum, chrome, coal and iron mines. Results and photos are available from Agron personnel. Agron Mining Blend is thus mainly adapted per area depending on the soil analysis and requirements of the soil.

Agron folllows a 5 to 9 year rehabilitation program at mining locations, depending on which type of mining activities have taken place, to restore the soil to its state of fertility before mining took place. We strive to leave the area in a better condition as it was originally.

There have been excellent results in coal mining areas, currently in third seaon of rehabilitation. We work together with the grass provisioning companies to find the most suitable indigenous species for the area.

The photo below was taken after only one growing season at a chrome mine. It is clearly visible that the Agron products and mixtures were applied directly on tailings with no topsoil and that no topsoil has been used. The control can be seen on the right and the Agron test on the left - already 5 indigenous species producing seed after the first season!

Agron's test on the left, the control on the right
Agron's test on the left, the control on the right

These photos show how the grass germinated in 2011 after a dry season with very little rain. Agron sown here and applied the Agron product in October 2011 and the rainfall increased only at the end of November the same year:

  • After/Na
  • Before/Voor

Agron's products have protected the seed such that it did not suffocate. This is clearly also an example of healthy gemination of indigenous perennial grass species during the first year - which is unique. Some seed can be dormant for a year before germinating.