Tips & Guidelines

Guidelines for foliar application of elements

  • The bottom part of the leaves, where most stomata occur, is important when applying foliar elements.
  • Excessive run-off can lead to toxic levels of elements on lower leaves, this can cause leaf burn and loss of leaves.
  • You can apply elements at the wrong time.
  • For effective absorption of elements through the leaves, base saturation in soils is important.
  • Base saturation of Calcium above 60% is required when pH- level in the soil is below 7.
  • Products such as Kelp, Humic Acid, Amino Acids, Sugar molecules etc. improves absorption of elements during foliar application.
  • Fulvic acid and organic acids open stomata for better absorption of elements into plant systems.

The Top 10 Tips

  • Insects and diseases are the symptoms of a crop failing not the cause of it.
  • Learn to measure the correct way.
  • The use of sprays is an act of desperation in a dying agriculture.
  • Excessive use of chemical salts in fertilizers is upsetting plant nutrition.
  • Chlorine sterilizes the soil and kills microorganisms.
  • Calcium is the “trucker” of all minerals.
  • Include a carbon source with every fertilizer.
  • Correct soil testing is of the utmost importance.
  • Feed soil life with slow release organic material.
  • Choose the proper time to spray.