About Us

AGRON is a fertilizer company which started as an ‘offspring’ of Schoeman Boerdery.   Thirteen years ago Kallie Schoeman dreamt about an own liquid fertilizer, with Fulvic and Humic Acids and initially approached a handful of persons knowledgeable and passionate about fertilizer.   During April 1999, AGRON was born – a name compiled from the term agronomics which means ‘the study of soil’.  The description Nutritional Science, indicates that soil are scientifically nourished and treated to ensure optimal growth.  

A number of farmers in the community heard about the fertilizer and ‘black stuff’ which were mixed with the liquid product and asked Schoeman to make the product available to them. The product was already by 2003 sought after and with more clients more employees were needed.

By 2005 more marketers were employed and the technology team started working on a unique, dry product (Bio Soil Blend), introduced to the market by 2006. The client base grew steadily and the logistics and finance departments grew accordingly.

By 2009 AGRON decided that in order to satisfy their clients needs, to build a dry and granule plant to enable them to provide any fertlizer product.

In 2010 more expansions took place for the rehabilitations of mines, and a product called Pentagron was introduced to enter into a new aspect of the market – dry land farming.

During 2011 the office buildings have been extended and the laboratory upgraded. Significant growth in the company during the past 13 years ensured an extensive product range and applications – from crops to golf courses to rehabilitated mine soil. The high quality products and the feedback from the consumers, as well as the phenomenal growth in the past decade also led to the change of the trademark and the adapted slogan  -  Grond. Gehalte.  Groei. or Soil. Science. Success in May 2012.

It is a farming system which integrates chemical as well as organic farming in order to increase production and minimize the effect on the environment.


Why use Agron Products?

Advantages of the use of Agron Products:

  • Humus
    The building of carbon and an increase of organic levels in the soil leads to sustainable farming. 
  • Microbes
    Inoculation of different species microbes and bacteri in the soil leads to healthy soil with many micro organism activity which enhances the breakdown of plant residues and in turn decreases the requirement for tilling. 
  • Minerals
    Soil balancing and improved absorbtion of minerals results in a healthier plant and better harvest.
  • Plant
    Analysis of soil and foilage samples (pH, Brix, EG), lead to better recommendations and better harvests. 
  • Biological Management 
    Disease control and bio-balancing minimizes the need for insect control and thus a more biological approach.
  • Feeding 
    Soil health is recovered by making elements available to the plants which in turn leads to healthy plants, animals and humans.

Agron's Workforce

The Agron team at Agron Head office.
We strive to deliver results!

Agron's Workforce