Successful and sustainable returns beginning in the agricultural industry of today begins and ends with expert fertilizing, that is backed by scientific applications and research. Agron, therefore places considerable value in developing and promoting knowledge and science. Two excellent facilities serve as a basis for Agron's product research and development, as well as quality control of all products. These facilities are also at the helm of new research and training of a world-class scientific team with the ability to integrate and compete with similar institutions around the world.

Chemical / General Laboratory

The laboratory facility consists of a general chemical laboratory where various processes are handled, such as product quality control, and research and development:

Methods and services that this laboratory can offer:
• Internal and external product quality control
• humic / Fulvic acid extractions
• Commercial & greenhouse trials
• EDX / NIR analysis
• Product development and verification
• Chemical / Production optimization
• Leaf and soil analyses
• Pelleting leaves
• Chemical soil extractions    

New technology is used hand-in-hand with traditional methods, to ensure that all of new methods and techniques that are developed, can be applied in a relevant and repeatable context accuracy of analyses.

Microbiological Laboratory
This newcomer was added in 2016 to Agron's scientific repertoire. The facility offers a host of additional practices and research opportunities in the biological sciences and also serves as a hub for future development.

Focus areas include:
• Biological water analysis
• Culture and manipulation of microorganisms
• Quality control of micro-containing products

Techniques and methods:
• Total coliform & E. coli
• Fecal coliform
• Heterotrophic plate counts
• Swab - Total microbial activity
• Swab - Pathogenic indications
• Microbiology (CO2 analysis)
• Microbial diversity and dominance
• Total microbial counts
• Interpretation of analyses

Agron's laboratory has the ability to promote and support the industry through quality and growth of the agricultural practices of today. In line with our vision, mission and values, it is the laboratory’s policy to deliver professional, knowledgeable service, represented by accurate results and interpretations.