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AGRON: Soil. Science. Success

Agron is a fertilizing company with a difference.  Agron focusses on soil quality, and therefore optimal growth, as well as quality service provisioning and quality products. Agron’s products are formulated with a unique biological approach which combines organic and chemical processes.   Agron believes that a pure chemical approach to fertlizing cannot be sustainable. 

Agron uses Humic Acids (Humates) and Fulvic Acids (Fulvates) as a natural chelate in our entire N:P:K mixtures, micro-element foliar feeds and soil applications.

One of our main goals is to build up carbons in soils.  This is being done by adding a unique patented, biological soil conditioner.

We promote biological integrated production, through keeping our clients informed of new developments, our unique products and passionate service delivery.